Increasing Self-Awareness and Empowering Youth

School-Based Interventions

We conduct group mentoring sessions for youth to help them strengthen leadership and advocacy skills, handle conflict effectively, do better in school and achieve their full potential, handle conflict and do better in school. We also train teachers and school staff on providing a community of support around young people so they feel safe and valued

Hospital-Based Interventions

Our hospital-based intervention provides crucial support to youth who experience intentional injuries by offering a therapeutic trauma-informed bed-side response. Our Hospital Responders meet and work with these youth, along with their families, and help them navigate health care and access other services and tools they need to be safe, health and thrive. Our program helps young people be better able to cope with their trauma, address and de-escalate conflict and become active young leaders

Community Based-Interventions

We recruit youth from the community to participate in group mentoring sessions throughout the year. During the mentoring sessions throughout the year. During the summer, they participate in a month-long leadership and enrichment camp.
We also create community engagement programs that bring family and neighbors together to discuss and act on violence prevention. Our programs help community members to advocate for our youth, understand and practice restorative justice and participate in collective healing.

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